Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rams Notes: Coach Jeff Fisher, team focus on reducing penalties

THOUSAND OAKS - In the pre-season, some referees erred during penalty appeals and sent the Rams as always from St. Louis. Unfortunately for the Rams, officials had much practice.

Through three games, the Rams are one of the most penalized teams in the NFL. They rank fourth in most penalties (27 with Oakland atop the list at 31), and third in most penalty yards (249 with Detroit "leader" at 294). The numbers are better oriented to the Rams, but not quickly enough.

"We had a long discussion about that today. It's nice to be able to talk after a win, '' coach Jeff Fisher said after practice Tuesday at Cal Lutheran. "At this rate, it is not good. We need better supervision and we must talk about things. "

It is also not an anomaly. Last season, the Rams ranked sixth and ninth, respectively, in most penalties and most penalty yards. The Rams also ranked in the top three in both categories in 2014.

Part of this was inevitable. Under defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, design Rams play aggressive defense, but they have taken things too far. The Rams were called for three 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty. No NFL team has more, and 14 teams have not called for.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Instant analysis: Woeful Rams offense takes game from Bucs, 37-32

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The Bucs took a Rams team that had scored nine points all season, a team that had not even scored a touchdown. And yet they - the Bucs, that is - have found a way to lose. In the first game at home.


Final score: Rams 37, Bucs 32.

Uh, do you have it? Thirty-seven.

So how is it? Let us count the ways. Mostly it's because Tampa Bay left the Rams hang around and hang around until the Rams finally decided to say, "Okay, you do not want? We'll take it. "

And that's what they did. They took it.

the Bucs are now 1-2 with the reigning Super Bowl coming to town. Here is a look back at Sunday's shaker head.

• The Bucs had a chance in the final moments, but could not break into the go-ahead score. Some of the blame goes to poor clock management. The Bucs went into the locker room with a timeout in their pockets. (And, in fact, they used when the clock has already been arrested with four seconds.) Bad work there by the Bucs.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Rams RB Todd Gurley sees '12 people on the field'

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Los Angeles Rams quarterback Case Keenum said that "seeing ghosts" last week.

Now, apparently so is Todd Gurley.

"It's crazy," Rams 'star running back said after Friday's practice. "I'm like,' Man, that's 12 people on the field!"

Gurley was referring to the amount of players opposing defenses are stacking the box to prevent him from running the ball effectively. Second year for accumulated only 98 yards on 36 enforce the first two weeks and averaged 0.89 yards before first contact, a clear indication that penetrate enemy defense line of scrimmage to choke Gurley every time he touches the ball.

"Sometimes that's a good thing," Gurley said, "because if you get past the first level, then you will. But you have to get through the first level first."

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rams must provide season tickets or refunds on deposits for St. Louis PSLs, judge rules

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The Rams must give tickets to season some people who have purchased licenses for personal seats while the NFL team was in St. Louis and the PSL are still valid despite the move of the team to Los Angeles, according to a decision published district court Wednesday.

The Rams must also refund deposits for others who bought the PSL, if a district judge could not determine an amount for these deposits.

Three different parties have pursued the Rams regarding the more than 46,000 people who bought the PSL before the team left for Los Angeles in January. Some applicants paid as much as $ 1,000 for licenses, which grant the right to buy season tickets.

Two of the parties continues, Envision LLC and Richard Arnold, argued that their PSL were still valid despite the relocation of the Rams and had the right to buy season tickets to Los Angeles. The Rams have argued that the contracts were terminated by the move.

The third plaintiff, Ronald McAllister, argued that the Rams in effect terminated their contracts with PSL holders when they relocated, and therefore deserved PSL holders refunds on their deposits, according to the language of the contract.

A spokesman for the Rams could not be reached for comment Wednesday night.